Some common broadband faults that may make you get a BT contact number

Even though the British Telecom company is a broad company that has been known to provide different services to its customers, they still tend to experience some faults. In case you experience any kind of faults, it may be advisable for you to get the BT contact number so that you can be able to let them know what your problem is.

When it comes to the BT broadband service, the most common problems that you are likely to experience can be fixed by simply restarting your BT hub router that is in your home. In case this is not the problem, then you can look at the indicator lights that are normally at the front of your router which is going to be able to tell you where the problem actually is. Once you get the BT contact number, the customer care team should be able to tell you this.

In case you just restarted your router and your light is either flashing green or green, then you should not worry since this only means that your router is starting up. It will stay in a solid blue color for about 20 seconds before it actually finishes to set up. In case the light has already turned to solid blue and you still cannot be able to access the internet, then you may have to check your internet settings so that you are able to confirm that you are actually connecting to the right router.

In case the power light is orange in color, then you will have to check and see if the other lights normally appear at the lower part of your router. If this is the case, then chances are that there is another problem that you may need to look at.

If the light is red, then this only means that you do not have a broadband connection that is active. In case you have restarted the router but it is still not working, you may need to trigger the reset button that is at the back of your device, you should do this making use of a small pin or paperclip. If you have tried all the above and you still don’t have an internet connection, then it is time for you to go ahead and call the BT team to come and help you out.

Some complaints that BT has

One of the very common complaints that BT tends to face is the constant complaints that are normally raised against the different communication providers. Normally this complaint comes from different types of issues that different clients may be experiencing. Some of the complaints may include things like pricing errors, broadband faults and other problems like clients or customers having problems when they are trying to connect.


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