The football team of Zeleznik has won the Serbia and Montenegro national cup, after defeating on Tuesday the big favorite Red Star with 1:0. The victorious goal was scored in the 90th minute of the match by Radjenovic. So, next season Zeleznik will appear in the UEFA Cup, and Red Star has finished this season without any trophies, since their eternal rival Partizan has won the championship title. The national cup is the first significant trophy, which the team of Zeleznik has won in their history.

Serbia and Montenegro tennis players have achieved some noteworthy results in the first round of the Roland Garrose grand slam tournament in Paris. Ana Ivanovic qualified for the second round after defeating French Stephanie Forez with 2:0 (6:3, 6:3), and in the second round will meet Yvette Benesh from the Czech Republic.

Serbian tennis hope, 18-year-old Novak Djokovic easily won over American Robbie Gilleprie with a score 3:0 (6:0, 6:0, 6:3) and in the second round he will play against Guillermo Coria from Argentina, who was the last year's finalist of the French Open.

Jelena Jankovic, the best ranked player from Serbia and Montenegro, has been eliminated from further competition after losing to Israeli Ana Smashnova with a result 2:0, that is, 6:0, 6:3 by games.

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