Biography of the Prime Minister - Zoran Djindjic

The Prime Minister of Serbia and President of the Democratic Party, Zoran Djindjic, who succumbed to injuries in the assassination, was born in 1952, in Bosanski Samac.

He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, in 1974, and he obtained his Ph.D. in philosophy at the KNSTANTZ University in Germany, under the supervision of Dr. JIRGEN HABERMAS, one of the most prominent world philosophers. Essays and works of Dr. Djindjic, one of the leading Serbian intellectuals, have been published in local magazines STAV (The Stance), KNJIZEVNE NOVINE (The Literature Magazine) and KNJIZEVNA REC (The Word of Literature).

Djindjic has also been known by his books SRBIJA NI NA ISTOKU NI NA ZAPADU (Serbia Neither In the East Nor In the West), SUBJEKTIVNOST I NASILJE (Subjectivity and Violence), JUGOSLAVIJA KAO NEDOVRSENA DRZAVA (Yugoslavia as an Incomplete State) and JESEN DIJALEKTIKE (The Autumn of Dialectics).

As a student, he took an active part in opposition during the times of former SFRY. Because of an attempt to form an autonomous students organization, together with student leaders from Zagreb and Ljubljana, he was arrested in early 70-ies and sentenced to one year of prison. For some time, Djindjic had lectured philosophy at Novi Sad University, and afterwards, in 1989, he joined other prominent Serbian writers, dissidents and intellectuals and formed the Democratic Party. A year later, at the DP annual convention, Djindjic was elected president of the party's executive board and in January 1994, he was elected president of the Party. In 1990, Djindjic was elected deputy in the Serbian Assembly, when he became head of the DS deputies group. In 1993, he became deputy in the Chamber of the Republics of the Federal Assembly and after 88 days of civil and student protests against the stealing of votes in the local elections in November 1996, he was elected in February 1997, as the first non-communist mayor of Belgrade. In June 2000, Djindjic remained as coordinator of the Council for Changes, the biggest democratic coalition in Serbia, and a few months later he became a manager of pre-electoral campaign of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia. After the victory of the opposition in the early parliamentary elections in December 2000, Djindjic was elected Prime Minister of the Serbian Government on January 25, 2001.

Djindjic is a father of two underaged children, the daughter Jovana and the son Luka.

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